Alexandra Barton

Coaching, Counselling and Nutrition for CFS/ME

Do you want your health and happiness back?

Are you prepared to make physical and/or emotional changes?

If so, I can help you

Hello and welcome

My name is Alexandra Barton and if you have CFS/ME I can help you to find your own individual route back to recovery.

I am uniquely qualified to help you

As a nutritional therapist, coach and counsellor, I am experienced in helping adults and children with a broad range of issues regain their health and happiness.

If you have CFS/ME and would like to know more about how I work or if you would like to make an appointment, please do contact me.

With warm wishes,


Alexandra Bartonccc

Nutritional Therapist, mBANT
Life Coach Dip NCFE
CCC Registered Counsellor MASC (Ad.C.S)
CBT Cert
State Registered Nurse